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Discover Your Inner Clarity & Unshakeable Confidence

Free 5-Day Womb Meditation Experience


Ignite your transformation into a higher version of yourself in five easy energetic steps.

Within all of us lies a deep feminine essence. A divine connection that allows us to serve as a channel for creativity. A well of power that guides us to the change agent that is our purpose. 

But you lost touch with this part of yourself — and it’s causing a ripple effect in your life. 

When you’re disconnected from this energy, everything feels like a struggle. Your world lacks lustre. Days are repetitive. Relationships are dry. The future is uncertain.

If this has been your reality as of late, the only way to embark on a transformational journey to your higher self is to reconnect to your feminine essence. 

That aspect of yourself that is steep in wisdom, intuition, confidence, clarity and creativity.

In this state, nothing is impossible and everything you want is within reach. .

And in just 5 days, I’ll help you realign your energy so you can find the feminine essence within you once again. 

We’re often told that if we want something, we have to work for it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you align with your highest self, everything flows. If you’re ready to... 


✨ Release old energetic blocks so that you can live freely 

✨ Heal and transform yourself from within

✨ Tap into confidence, courage and a sense of security

✨ Step into high vibration of feeling lighter, focused and in flow

✨ Step into your vision and call it forth


What if all you needed for your highest self was just an just an energetic shift?


This 5-Day Challenge will set you up on a transformational journey to your highest self by using your inner world to heal, transform and manifest your desires.

Day One:

Uncover your core and centre and learn how to use the power of the womb space; the seat of your soul


Day Two:

Heal old blocks using the energy of the womb and element of water.


Day Three:

Tap into inner clarity by journeying with your inner child.


Day Four:

Assimilate and expand into your highest vibration.


Day Five:

Plant your seeds of intention and desires using the womb and element of fire.


Additional Resources:

You’ll also receive a 5-Day Womb Connection Practice Journaling Handout including daily journaling prompt to help you tap deeper within.

Uncover your Inner Power

5-day's of powerful meditations to re-connect you to your inner power.

Increase Your Confidence

5-day's of powerful affirmations to tap into your confidence, courage and a sense of security.

Re-connect to Your Intuition

5-days of connection and centering into the womb—the seat of your soul.

My Story...

I still remember the day, I sat across the doctor who delivered the heavy blow. “Your scan shows a brain tumour” he said.

And that was the beginning of a journey to heal, drawing me to do my own inner work, reconnect to my feminine and chase my dreams.

On this journey, I was instinctively drawn to the stories my grandmother told about her mother. A lady said to be so brilliant at healing people and was seen as the ‘Medicine Woman”. This great grandmother of mine (whom I never met) fascinated me. And I always knew I had something of her in me.

And so my journey began to unleash my feminine calling… the “Medicine Woman” within me.

I am here to help as many women tap into their inner power, to fully show up and create like they are here to! My intention is to support you on this transformational journey where we work from your inner to create your outer reality.

I will show you techniques to master your energy and step into your sacred feminine, to show up in the world with power, courage and clarity.

Step into Clarity & Unshakeable Confidence

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