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Transform your ENERGY in just 21 days - HEAL | TRANSFORM | CREATE.


What you about to embark on, is the same ritual I used to bring to life following my purpose as my business, manifesting my dream home to intentions like my first ever 10K+ months (Big dreams of mine)...


Packaged into a step by step process that I energetically guide you through.


And if you are doubting whether to join the next experience, here's what others say...


✨ If you are woman ready to create life on your own terms by consciously releasing energetic blocks and stepping into purpose


✨ If you lead, coach or support others and you are feeling out of balance yourself and need someone else to hold space for you.


✨ If you are getting sucked into the current state of affairs driven by fear, anxiety and overwhelm and need to connect back into your own energy and higher vibration.



Because right now, life may not feel as joyful and free as you desire it. And perhaps you...

  • want to make things happen and stop feeling like life is on hold. You want to take back your power and create life on your own terms.

  • wish you could feel certain and secure with where you are in life, not have to worry about what the future holds for you and perhaps your family and kids.

  • desire more energy! Perhaps even dream of more quality sleep — without disrupted sleeping patterns. No more waking up at early hours of the morning or lying awake at night with thoughts running through your head.

  • crave freedom and flexibility—no longer feeling you are stuck and powerless to change things.

✨ You have all the resources within you to shift your reality.

✨ You are feeling this way for a reason— because now is your time to transform.

✨ Your current desires are here because they already exist in your reality in one form or the other—it's now time to step into them energetically.

In Just 21-days, This Practice  Will Change It All For You.


 Over a period of 21 days, you will be guided step by step to:

Heal energetic blocks that may be keeping you stuck or holding you back from your dreams.

✨ Let go of limiting beliefs, restrictions and transform into your own inner power.

✨ Find focus, get clarity of thoughts and a deeper sense of being.

Feel energised and stay in high vibration where you feel a new sense of being.

 ✨ Get into a better state of mind where you start to sleep better - so you can create better.

 ✨ Connect to and utilise the energy of the womb to transmit on a high resonance - the secret to manifesting.

✨ Consciously choose your emotional state by Journeying through a series of high vibrational energies that enables you to be in the state of mind that your dreams are possible.

✨ Tap back into what you want to bring forth and create your vision going forward and focus on making it happen.

All quotes are from REAL people with real live personal sensitive issues & intentions.

Here are a few examples of manifestation myself and clients have created with this same process you are about to go through:

✨ Increased confidence

✨ Healthier state of mind

✨ Deep and better quality sleep

✨ Healing from anxiety and stress

✨ Clarity on soul vision and purpose in life

✨ Big goals on Vision boards manifested in weeks/ months



But how, you may say...

This is a soul level channeling and transmission experience.

Over these powerful 21-days you will energise, raise your vibration and start to solidify your inner desires to reality.

You will be using a combination of energetic, spiritual, and systemic step by step ritual to reactivate and embody higher state of being.

AND the programme has been structured in a way that you can do it in your own time/ at your own pace.

By the end of the 21 days you will raise your vibration to a whole new level and deliver powerful transformation from inside out.

✨ Step into your inner power

✨ Lean into relaxation and flow

✨ Take back control from external pressures

✨ Restore balance to your body and expand into creativity

✨ Reconnect to your soul vision and embody your dreams

✨ Activate & harmonise your feminine and masculine energies

And NO you don't have to...

  • Make extra time for it. It's designed only to take a few minutes of your day.
  • Make space for it. You do the practices right on your bed - upon waking and right before bed.
  • Change anything you currently do. This is an energetic transformation and raises your vibration that will start to realign you to the things on your vision.


Its on at a special offer!

If you are reading this, chances are you are already on a transformational journey and ready to:

✨ Bring your creativity to another level and make your impact

Try new ways of creating, for the old ways have stopped working

✨ Tap into what is truly yours to create and the energy to manifest it

✨ Put the fear and blocks to the side, stepping into courage and finally go for what you want and desire.

These powerful practices will help you get focused and accelerate your transformation...


Now is YOUR time to integrate back into your POWER and create with INTENT.

I know this, because like you, this was my journey.

After years of working hard, trying one new idea after the other, enough was enough. I was done letting another day go by, feeling empty.

As a trained breath coach, energy alchemist, and years of tantric and shamanism, I can easily say, I work well with energy transformation, including powerful manifestation.

However, this energetic transformation, I will take you through over the next 21 days is one of the tried and simple methods I use personally to create with power and stay in alignment.

You see, we already have everything we need to create our own reality as desired.

Your tools for powerful transformation:


The chord between your inner and outer state.


Your feminine birthing portal for creating life.


Your magical process to create magic in your life.


A mystical way of going right to the source of blocks and transforming life right from within.

The world needs your gift, your value, and your creativity.

What sort of impact would you make to the world if I could show you a simple daily ritual that has helped me transform into the person I am today?

Someone who is willing to show up in front of you here and share her gifts with courage, love and in her true abundance—in my own unique way of creativity.

Imagine the impact on the world, if each person you are blessed to inspire, then found their power to do the same for other wo/men? 

The possibilities for bringing about change are endless!

I know you are being called right now, and this is a calling and desire just won't go away.

They won't go away because we all have a PURPOSE.

And when we are not living in alignment with this purpose, we feel discontent and uncertain with life.

A feeling that can be so frustrating and stress-inducing!

But, you have the power to change it all...

You can change the way you feel, how you feel, and what you create.

You can do this using a combination of energy practices that have been tried and tested - and work! 

A simple daily ritual helped me become clear on my gift to the world and manifested the lifestyle and freedom I sought for so long. With many failed attempts until I came to this ritual you are about to start... Saving you years of frustration.


The Programme Is Divided Like This...

Using powerful guided meditations, to unblocking what may still be holding you back energetically from stepping into your purpose and your power to create.

You will elevate your emotional state and energy using daily practices that will inspire, regulate your system and transform you into balance.

You will create your vision/ dream and learn to use energetic embodiment practices to physical step into your vision

You will change your state of being with daily guided morning and night time rituals

✨ That will energise you, sleep better, and balance your nervous system in as little as few minutes.

✨ On a daily basis start to vibrate on a  higher vibration so you feel better and happier

✨ Re-visit  and or create your visions - and soul purpose and energetically re-align with these.

Daily Morning Breathwork

You will use breathwork to wake up energise, fall asleep, or balance your nervous system in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Night Time Ritual

Designed in a ways that helps you to crystalise all the energy you've been working with and begin to re-integrate your whole being into the essence of your vision.

Daily Journaling Ritual

Guided each night to practice the art of journalling. A space will be held for you and prompts will be given to you on what to journal about.


A Specially Curated Energy Re-alignment Programme


✨Mobile app available for easy access.

✨ Daily energy practice delivered to you at the right time — Morning and Night

✨Energy infused recordings that are easy to follow

✨High graphics and sounds to stimulate engage your senses.

Specially Curated Set of Daily Resources To Keep You In Vibration, Accountable And In The Right Mindset


✨ Daily high vibration Energy Mantra Cards.


Delivered to your inbox designed to make it easy for you to keep in high vibration


Energy-infused guide book and journal to help you along the way.



As soon as you are registered:

You will be able to download the mobile app, so that you can access your practices straight from your mobile, giving you the ease to do your practices as soon as you wake and before going to bed.

"I had been experiencing fractured times, and the focus on my authentic inner self during the day enabled me to let go of emotions and energy that were keeping me stuck and I felt joy and release."

"Before I started working with Folake, I was fed up with everything, depressed with how my life is going and I felt I was not in control and I wanted someone to guide me. Now, I'm learning to be grounded. For example during stressful times at work I am able to cope better with my demanding job and the people around me. Also I'm reconnecting with myself and with my passions again!"

Your Private Members Only Site Is Waiting.

Lots of love,

Transform Your Energy & Create Powerful Life Changing Manifestation.


SELF STUDY PROGRAMME - Womb & Breath Practice Mobile App

  • 21 Morning Energy Alignment and Breathwork Practice (Value £147)
  • 21 Night Time Guided Sleep Time Breathwork (Value £147)
  • Daily Night Time Inner Work Healing Journal prompts (Value £47)
  • 3x Powerful Guided Meditations/ Journeying  (Value £147)
  • Mobile app for ease to access breathing practices daily & daily email prompts (Value £47)
  • Energy-infused guidebook and journal (Value £7)
  • 21 (daily) Mantra cards to help you stay in vibration (Value £47)
  • All content available for you for a period of one year to use in your own time and revisit.

Total Value = £599


Get It Now For Only = £222

Yes, I'm Ready!

About Me

I still remember the day, I sat across the doctor who delivered the heavy blow. “Your scan shows a brain tumour” he said.

And that was the beginning of a journey to heal, drawing me to do my own inner work, reconnect to my feminine and chase my dreams.

On this journey, I was instinctively drawn to the stories my grandmother told about her mother. A lady said to be so brilliant at healing people and was seen as the ‘Medicine Woman”. This great grandmother of mine (whom I never met) fascinated me. And I always knew I had something of her in me.

And so my journey began to unleash my feminine calling… the “Medicine Woman” within me.

I am here to help as many women tap into their inner power, to fully show up and create like they are here to! My intention is to support you on this transformational journey where we work from your inner to create your outer reality.

I will show you techniques to master your energy and step into your sacred feminine, to show up in the world with power, courage and clarity.